LRC Tennis Club-BYLAWS

(l) The membership fee for the tennis season is established by the Board of Directors.

(2) The members of the Board of Directors are:


Vice President



Board Members (2)

(3) Committees and their responsibilities are:

Ladder committee:

Responsible for managing the Club’s ladders and encouraging ladder participation.

Tournament Committee:

Responsible for tournament direction and purchase of trophies.

Social Committee:

Responsible for arranging social activity for the Club.

Membership/Publicity Committee:

Responsible for encouraging growth of membership, assisting the Board of Directors in determining the eligibility of applicants for membership, and for handling club publicity. The Treasurer and Secretary are members of this committee.

Nominating Committee:

Responsible for obtaining qualified candidates for the Board of Directors, preparing and distributing ballot form to membership, and notifying membership of balloting results.

External Events Committee:

Responsible for notifying club members of local and national events of interest. This committee should represent the club at appropriate PTPA and Grand Prix meetings. It should secure information of nationally sponsored tournaments and promote interest and play of these events within the club when possible.

Newsletter Committee:

Responsible for preparing and distributing timely newsletters describing club activities, tournament results, and other significant events of importance to membership.

Grounds Committee:

Responsibilities include the normal care and upkeep of the tennis courts, management of work parties, the posting of rules to cover the use of the LRC tennis courts, and advising the Board of Directors of grounds upkeep which should be reported to the Langley Activities Association. All club members are assistants on this committee and can be called upon by the Chairman.

Instruction Committee:

Responsible for organizing and conducting tennis instruction to improve the playing ability of the club members.

League Committee:

Responsible for managing the club’s leagues and encouraging participation.

(4) Tournament Schedule

The following tournaments will be held yearly.

Championship Singles Ladder

All Players Ladder

Women’s Singles Ladder

Men’s Singles and Doubles

Women’s Singles

Senior Men’s Singles

Ron Amole Memorial Mixed Doubles

Fall/Winter Mixed Players Singles

The tournament committee along with the Club President are responsible for scheduling the tournaments to avoid conflict as much as possible with Grand Prix and other local tournaments. Additional tournaments can be added by the Tournament committee following approval of the Board of Directors

Specifications concerning rules will be posted for each individual tournament.

(5) Tennis Ladders

The LRC Tennis Club sponsors four tennis ladders:

(1) Championship singles ladder (CL); (2) All players ladder (AL); (3) Women’s Singles ladder (WL); and (4) Fall/Winter Mixed Players Singles ladder (F/WL).

Participation on the Championship ladder and the Fall/Winter ladder is open to all club members. Participation on the All Players ladder is open to all club members not established on the CL. Participation on the Women’s ladder is open to female members of the club.

Ladder Rules:

1. The ladder rankings will be displayed as shown on figure 1. A member in position 12 or below can challenge anyone in the same row or the row immediately above him. A member in position 11 and above can challenge anyone who is not more than 5 positions above him.

2. Only the ladder chairman or his assistant is authorized to make changes and adjustments to the ladder positions.

3. The initial ladder rankings will be determined after a tournament which is held in the spring for the Championship, All Players and Women’s ladder and one held in the fall for the FWL. Each match in these tournaments will count as a ladder challenge match. From these matches and prior ladder positions, the ladder chairman will establish new ladder positions. Anyone who defaults a tournament match without notifying their opponent before his/her arrival at the court will be dropped one row in ladder standings. Any member not playing in a given ladder tournament will be dropped 5 ladder positions from a previous posting at the completion of the particular ladder tournament. Male players cannot participate in both the Championship and All Players ladder tournaments. During tournament play, a minimum of 2 hours will be allowed between the end of one match and the start of another, and a player will not be required to play more than 2 matches in one day.

4. A Club member who: (l) Is not established on a particular ladder prior to that ladder’s tournament; (2) Did not make a challenge and play anyone during ladder competition last season; (3) Did not participate in the tournament or failed during the tournament to defeat a member of the ladder may get on the ladder by making a legal challenge and playing a match. He may challenge a ladder position which is no more than one-half way up the ladder. If he loses this match, he may challenge anyone who is lower than the person whom he originally challenged. If he loses the second match, he will be placed at the end of the ladder.

5. Player A, who is established on a given ladder X, may challenge player B who is not more than halfway up any ladder Y, for which he is eligible. If player A wins the challenge match, he assumes the position of player B on the ladder Y. If player A loses the challenge match, there is no change to his position on ladder X. If player A is a female and she wins her challenge match on ladder Y, she retains her position on the WSL and participates on both ladders. Prior to the time the challenge match is played, player A is liable to a legal challenge on ladder X from player C. The results of the match between A and C will be valid regardless of the outcome of player A’s attempt to move up to ladder Y.

6. No member who has a position on any ladder can refuse or be unavailable for a legal challenge and still retain his ladder position. Unavailability within a one week time frame or refusal to play a challenge match will result in a loss of one ladder position for the challengee. For the next seven days following the posting of this challenge (see Rule 7), the challengee may neither challenge nor be challenged.

7. The ladder chairman shall provide a ladder challenge sheet to be kept at the LRC Tennis Courts. The sheet shall be set up to record the name of the challenger, name of challengee, date that the challenge is posted, designated ladder, date played, winner, and score. The challenger shall first determine that a legal challenge can be made by consulting the ladder board and challenge sheet. He then shall make the challenge by recording on the challenge sheet his name, the name of the challengee, date, and ladder. The challenger must notify the challengee of the challenge within 24 hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday). Within that 24-hour period, they should either agree to play the match, or agree that the challengee is unavailable or agree that the challenger will withdraw the challenge. After a 24-hour period has passed, the challenge cannot be withdrawn; the match must either be played or voided. It is the challenger’s responsibility to record the challenger’s refusal or unavailability to play so that rule 6 can be exercised. The match must be played within seven days after posting the challenge or the match will be declared void. The only exception is that, upon request, the ladder chairman may grant a 2-day extension if weather postpones a match scheduled for the 6th or 7th day of the challenge. If a match is voided, neither the challenger nor challengee can issue a challenge until 48 hours after the void is recorded. The players themselves may record the void as soon as they are aware the match cannot be played. The challenger of a voided match cannot re-challenge the challengee within seven days after the void is recorded.

8. Challengers and challengees of pending matches cannot challenge or be challenged until the pending match has been played or has been declared void. This rule applies independently to all ladders.

9. For challenge matches being played on the LRC courts, when a court becomes available, either player may insist that that court be used for the challenge match. If more than one court is available, the challengee has the choice of courts.

10. Upon completion of a challenge match, the winner shall immediately record on the challenge sheet the results of the match and the date played. Failure to make such notification by noon of the next working day will result in the match being declared void.

11. A challenger who wins a challenge match will assume the position of challengee on the ladder standings. The challengee and each person on the ladder between the challenger and challengee will drop one position on the ladder.

12. The loser of a challenge match cannot challenge anyone until a period of 48 hours has elapsed since the time of match completion.

13. The loser of a challenge match cannot challenge the winner until a period of seven days has elapsed since the time of match completion.

14. The winner of a challenge match (excepting the number one position) cannot be challenged until a period of 48 hours has elapsed from the time of match completion. The winner may waive the 48 hour requirement if he so desires.

15. New, yellow, vacuum-packed, championship balls, meeting USTA specifications, shall be furnished by the challenger. The challengee, if he does not approve of the balls being furnished, may at his option, supply Penn or Wilson balls meeting the above specifications.

16. A match will be the best of three sets with the 12-point tie breaker being used for all sets when the score has reached 6-6 (tie breaker rules will be posted at the LRC courts). If the third set is necessary, all games in that set will be regular scored games similar to the first two sets.

17. A ladder championship play-off will be held for each ladder to determine a ladder champion. The play-off will be held within two weeks of the end of the ladder play (this time limit can be modified by the ladder chairman). The two finalists will be chosen as follows: One finalist, who will act as the challengee in a challenge match, will be the player who is in the top ladder position after the ladder closes and all legal challenges have been played. The other finalist, who will act as the challenger in a challenge match, will be decided on the basis of longevity and defense in the top ladder position. The player obtaining the top ladder position gets one point for the win ( even if by default). The player occupying the top ladder position between the date of the ladder tournament finals and the end of the ladder play will receive one point for each time he wins a defense of his position, regardless of the number of defenses played in the posting ladder time period (one week). For winning the number one position during the ladder season, a player will receive one point. At the end of the season, the player with the most cumulative points will be declared a championship play-off finalist. On any ladder where the same player qualifies for each finalist position, that player will be designated as the ladder champion. In the event two players end up with the same number of points based on longevity, a match will be played to determine the other finalist with challenger and challengee determined by a flip of a coin. If one of these two is on top of the ladder, a single match will determine the champion. Challengee for the match will be the number one ladder player.

18. The last day of the season to post a legal challenge for standing on the tennis ladders will be established by the Board each year.

19. To remain on a given ladder from one season to the next, a player, except the top ladder position, must post and play at least one legal challenge match during the current season. Failure to do so will result in that player having to requalify for ladder play the following season.

20. The Ladder Committee Chairman is sole authority for the adherence to the ladder rules.

21. The Tennis Club Board of Directors will arbitrate any conditions regarding ladder matches which are not covered by the preceding rules.

Figure 1 Ladder Standings


Figure 1. LRC Tennis Club Ladder Standings


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